String Instruments Ensemble Frank Bluhm / Frank Bluhm Trio
The String Instruments Ensemble Frank Bluhm was founded in 1983 including the following instruments:
  • Zither
• Dulcimer
• Guitar
• Double Bass
All members of the Ensemble live in the Würzburg area (Bavaria).

While the Ensemble started off playing mainly traditional Franconian and Alpine folk tunes (Bavaria / Austria / Southern Tyrol), it has now expanded its repertoire to also include international folk music as well as Latin, Swing and classical pieces from the Baroque, Classic and Romanesque periods.

In 1998 the Ensemble was presented with a cultural award by the Hanns-Seidel-Foundation (Munich) for their outstanding contribution to Bavarian folk music. The Ensemble made its name far beyond the regional area with a multitude of live appearances, radio and television productions.

To date Frank Bluhm and his Ensemble have produced four CD’s:
  1. "Advent and Christmas Songs"
  2. "Swing to Classic"
  3. "Folkdances in the Franconian and Alpine Tradition"
  4. "Swing meets Latin"

The latest CD "Swing meets Latin" has only just been released (November 2001). With Frank Bluhm on zither, Iris Bluhm on guitar, Horst Jürgensmeyer on double bass and the guest appearance of Tilman Uhl (Erlangen) on percussion, the Ensemble has reached new musical highs.

Sound samples of all CD’s can be downloaded via the CD’s icon.

You can order the CD’s by e-mail ("Swing to Classic" is currently sold out)